How to Use Face Oils in Your Skincare Routine – 5 Handy Hints & Tips

Why are Face Oils so Good and why you Should be Using One

Choosing the right oil will not only add massive amounts of moisture to your skin, but it also offers so many more benefits. There are many oils that will repair skin, brighten and give a natural glow, plump skin and smooth lines, protect skin, firm and tighten, the list of benefits is huge. Add to that unlike your normal moisturizer, face oils generally are just that, there are no other chemicals or fillers added to the oil. Your average moisturizer will usually be made of mainly water and chemicals to preserve the formula which can cancel out some of the therapeutic benefits of the beneficial ingredients and sometimes cause irritation to your skin. So, give a new face oil a try or at least try incorporating it into your skincare routine to receive all the skin nourishing benefits.

how to use face oils

How to Use Face Oils Tip #1

Choosing the Right Oil

Firstly, look for cold pressed pure oils or formulas that contain pure cold pressed oils, as these are of a higher a quality and will likely contain more skin nourishing nutrients and less impurities. Do your research according to your skin type, some oils are better for oily skin and others for dry skin and some are good for both. For example, jojoba oil is great oil for all skin types as it is very close in structure to your skins natural oil sebum, so it is very easily absorbed and helps to restore balance to oil levels in your skin. So do your research on what oils are best for your specific skin type.

How to Use Face Oils Tip #2

Best Time to Use

Your skins natural oil production follows a daily cycle, where skin is oiliest at midday and oil production is at its lowest in the evening, just before bedtime. Because of this, oils are best used when they are most easily absorbed which is just before bedtime. An added benefit of applying oils at night is that skin cell repair and regeneration is at its highest between the hours of 11pm and 4am, so your oil will be in use when your skin needs it most.

If you have dry skin natural oil production is lower, so your skin would benefit from the addition of a few drops of oil into your morning routine to help improve the condition of your skin.

How to Use Face Oils Tip #3

Best Way to Apply

Warm the oil between the palms of your hands or fingertips and gently press into your skin to distribute. Pressing the oil instead of rubbing will increase absorption of the oil as sometimes rubbing can pull the skin slowing down absorption.

Apply to moist warm skin for easiest absorption, try a hot cloth over your face and hands. Your oil will go much further when using this method.

How to Use Face Oils Tip #4

Massage Into Skin for a Spa Like Treat

If you have a bit of me time, then a facial massage is a great way to enhance the benefits of your oil. Don’t’ forget the best way to apply the oil is to gently press unto the skin, but once absorbed a gentle face massage will help your oil penetrate more deeply, improving the condition of your skin and enhancing it’s radiance. For an even more indulgent spa like experience try inhaling the oil prior to application which will help you to de-stress at the end of a long day.

How to Use Face Oils Tip #5

Time Saving Tip

If you are short on time or aren’t yet confident using an oil, you can try adding a couple of drops of your oil when applying your normal daily moisturizer. This is a quick and convenient way to receive the amazing benefits of using an oil.

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