Free From Skincare Awards 2019

This year we entered two of our products into the Free From Skincare Awards 2019. The Free From Skincare Awards are a Europe wide competition that aim to celebrate the best and most effective skincare products that are free from ingredients that can be a potential health concern or that are known to cause possible skin allergies.

The categories that we entered into were category 6 – Oils & Oil-based Serums and category 14 – Problem Skin and the products that we entered were our Renaissance Face Oil – Night Repair Oil (category 6) and our Nourishing Face Oil for sensitive skin (category 14).

Full sized samples of each oil were sent away to be tested for 30 days by a team of experienced testers and then feedback was returned at the end of this period. We were so pleased to have both products shortlisted for the finals based upon the feedback given.

We then headed into finals week where our products labelling and ingredients were judged by a panel of experts from within the skincare industry. We were delighted to find out that we had won a silver award in the problem skin category for our Nourishing Face Oil.

The awards were a great experience from start to finish, very well organised and very exciting when the announcements were being made. We will look forward to entering again next year with other products from our range.

Below is a selection of some of the feedback that we received from the competition testers that tried out the products for 30 days and then returned their feedback.

Nourishing Face Oil for Dry & Sensitive Skin Types

“The skin on my face had spots and inflamed scars to start with. It was red in places and there was some scaly dryness from old healing scars. This was moderately severe.

It performed well and did help with the dryness and the inflamed acnes. I also found that I had less reoccurrence of the acne after using it for a few weeks, condition and appearance did improve over the test month. The dryness gradually reduced over the month, inflamed patched reduced gradually over the month. Acne re-occurrence reduced significantly over the month

Skin was a lot better after using it for a month largely because the acne was improved and the bad cycle was interrupted. This was really good for my skin and better than other moisturisers I have used because it really did improve the health of my skin by rebalancing my skin.”

face oil for sensitive skin

“My skin is recovering from an allergic reaction, so is sensitive, red, flaky in places and sometimes inflamed. After using this product for the first time, my skin felt moisturised and hydrated. The oil locked in moisture providing a radiant glow alongside a soothing, nourishing effect.

The fragrance is quite strong and floral, fresh and uplifting – although I cannot pinpoint any particular scent. The texture is a light oil which is very suitable for problem skin. This product performs extremely well, and does its job superbly.

This product did relieve sensitivity in my skin, particularly when exposed to the elements or coming out of the shower. Because it is light enough to absorb quickly, but effective enough to protect the skin, it instantly reduced soreness and dryness. My skin condition has definitely improved over the month. My sore cheeks are no longer inflamed and the dry patches have significantly reduced.

My skin feels much better after a month. The irritation has subsided a lot, the intense moisturising elements have hydrated the dry areas to the point they are now minimal, and I have a fresh, healthy and youthful glow!”


“My face was moderately severely dry, with nothing making any difference to the dry patches despite trying many different products. The dryness was made worse by winter / central heating but hadn’t improved even with the warmer weather.

My skin felt a little greasy, but surprisingly moisturised, more so than I’ve ever experienced from other face oils. I was very surprised at the immediate difference it made! It smells flowery, and a little like lavender, but it is a pleasant scent. It is quite a runny oil but much the same as similar products, but it was perfect for my skin problems. It performed much better than I could have imagined, making a visible difference to my skin.

It certainly did it’s job very well. My skin definitely improved considerably over the course of the month. It helped greatly with my dry patches but without causing spots or greasy skin. My skin was also visibly improved – my make-up applies much easier now, giving a much better-looking finish. I also think it has helped to reduce my fine lines which I’m most pleased about!

I was very surprised as I wasn’t expecting it to make such a difference. I think the product delivered much better than expected over the course of the month. I think it was better and more effective than other, similar products I have tried in the past.”


“My skin was irritated, inflamed and with some blemishes. It was quite mild having improved recently. My skin felt soothed, soft and nourished after the first use of this oil. It looked more radiant and hydrated. It has an earthy, woody fragrance which I liked. The product is an oil and so it is quite runny but it is perfect for my skin type. It is not too heavy and feels comfortable on my skin.

I felt the oil performed very well day-to-day; I would apply at bedtime and by morning the difference was noticeable. I felt that my skins condition and appearance has improved. My skin feels more balanced and scars (from previous blemishes) are fading. My skin is less inflamed and has fewer blemishes.

I think my skin feels much better. It feels softer and more supple since using this oil. I think the product does deliver over the month; it has improved my skins condition from day one and helped maintain it. I found it as good as others, actually I found it better.”

anti=ageing oil

Renaissance Face Oil – Anti-ageing Night Repair Oil

“My skin felt smoother and looked fresher and younger. Broken red veins looked a little less noticeable too. No downsides to my skin, over time.”

“It was an elegant product with a beautiful light scent.”

“The fragrance was lovely although I couldn’t actually describe it. The texture was a thinnish oil. Skin felt much more smooth and softer than usual. I really liked the feeling.”

“Over the test period my skin definitely looked much softer and smoother. It  slightly Improved lines too by softening them. When I woke up it still had a residual effect. I was really pleased by this.”

“The instructions are very easy to follow and the product is easy to use, just use the pipette to place the oil on the face and massage it in glowing!! I applied it at night and upon waking in the morning my skin looked brighter and fresher. Like I had a good night’s sleep, when I certainly hadn’t.

The fragrance is very light and subtle, I can detect a fragrance but I can’t smell one particular note, they sort of blend together really well to make a light, unique fragrance that isn’t similar to other products that I am familiar with. I do like the fragrance a lot. The facial oil is quite runny so it moves easily around the face. I like both the texture and the fragrance. The product doesn’t absorb immediately, but that is fine for a product like this. After applying the oil I massage it into my skin and it does leave a glow and sheen to my skin.

I have only used this facial oil at night. Make up has stayed and lasted just the same since I started using this. It hasn’t caused any oiliness at all. This is a beautiful facial oil that is a pleasure to use each evening. It has done a great job at giving my skin a boost and a glow.

I have noticed a real improvement in the condition of my skin since I started using this, it looks fresher and more even toned. It has really helped to soften some fine lines and my skin seems to have more ‘bounce’ to it, it looks lifted and better toned and noticed some lovely improvements to my overall skins appearance. This has really delivered some lovely results for me and I am looking forward to continuing to use this. Even though I have been using it every night, the bottle hardly seems to have gone down! I expect it will last for a good while yet. However I will re purchase this again, i’m loving the results and enjoy using it Nothing to improve: please don’t change such a lovely product”

“It’s quite a wet oil if that makes sense on first use, but it felt luxurious and my skin was radiant – but of course it’s out in the real world that you want to be radiant not when you’re asleep! In the morning it looked nice and soft and was reluctant to wash my face!”

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